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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruiser View Post
    IIRC if you access TOR via a proxy, you're completely anonymous. Granted you need to disable all the addons on your browser and not download anything
    Yep, there are ways of finding/tracking you that don't require your real IP address...which is primarily what things like TOR and proxies hide. Most of that is enabled, by default, as "web browser experience" bullshit that smart people turn off.

    I'm personally very lazy about using Private Browsing, especially on *ahem* cookie rich sites. I should get better at that.

    So should you.
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    Staying anonymous is not just about hiding your IP. Every single little interaction you have on some forum you have a probability of exposing some little piece of information that gives away who you are. The internet doesn't really forget anything, and a lot of effort has gone into making it very searchable. If someone wants to find out who you are they can start piecing these pieces together and there is a good chance they can find out more than you would be comfortable with.

    The big problem is people want to be internet famous and still remain anonymous. Things just don't work that way.

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