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    Hello Bullshido. Thanks for having a great website concerning MA! I wandered along here in my quest to find out more information about MA, mainly with finding a gym in my area. I can't post the link yet but the "finding a good martial arts school" thread is pretty damn incredible and I'll be bringing it with me (in a condensed form) while I "interview" prospective gyms. Anyways...

    So I'm a 27 year old male living in Rhode Island (no, RI is not a part of NY [that's Long Island] and yes this place is freakin' small). I consider myself to be in fairly good shape; I lift things and put them back down and enjoy long distance running. I'm married and have two young daughters, 5 and 2. They're ridiculously awesome. I've been a gamer since I was 3 and, although I've started to devote more and more time to fitness the older I get, I'll always be a gaming/comic/anime/blahblah fan. I also love to play tennis but I don't know anyone who plays.

    Concerning martial arts I am a total newbie. I've always wanted to study an art but always put it on the back burner. I'm currently searching for a gym/dojo to train but I don't want to get involved with any shady folks! I'm leaning towards Judo, Boxing, and BJJ although I can only train in one due to time. My mind is also not set in stone and ultimately my choice will be limited because of my area.

    If anyone has any recommendations for the Newport, RI area (or just all of RI) please let me know! The gyms in my area don't SEEM too impressive, although I've only visited one so far (AmeriKick, seemed kind of shady, but not 100% sure).

    Hopefully I'll find something worthwhile soon. I plan on hanging around here to chat about MA so slap me if I come off as an ass! :OpenMouth:

    Oh, anyone going to the Tough Mudder in New Jersey on the 20th of Oct?

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    Welcome to Bullshido.

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    I thought I spelled it wrong, but as I said I'm a mechanic not an English professor.

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    Official Welcome Wagon tag for Slamdunc pl0x!

    I have never been to R.I. so I'm no help to you but welcome to the site.
    Train hard, fight easy.

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    If you go into Providence there are a couple of choices for bjj, kickboxing or vee arnis jitsu. Also across the border into fall river there is bjj and fma choices too. Good luck and welcome to bullshido.

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    You can't find anyone to play tennis with you? I thought that's all you people do when you aren't too busy getting "wicked drunk" or eating lobster. Or lobstah, or whatever you'd call it.

    Anyways, welcome to Bullshido. Newbietown protocol mandates that I recommend you check out your local Judo club, as it's almost certainly a cheaper/more productive use of your time than a place named "Amerikick". Seriously, is that a Rex Kwon Do affiliate?


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