Hi, my name is Joe. I used to post on here awhile back long ago when I trained in Kempo Karate. I now am much older, am a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & MMA instructor and have a few gyms on Long Island in NY.

I also run a Kickboxing Marketing company.

I want to know if anyone could help me which forum would I post in to talk about my website, http://TryKickboxingNow.com.

Before anyone gets mad that I am selling my service, it is free for schools to use as long as they meet certain requirements and get certified by me (which is all free). There is no cost to use it & it has worked for my schools and the ones that use it.

Anyways, Im a Purple Belt in BJJ now, have a 4-1-1 Amatuer MMA record and am just focusing on expanding my current schools.