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    Revenge: Adrian Hernandez vs. Kompayak Porpramook II

    The first Hernandez-Porpramook fight was a FOTY contender. Sadly, because it happened in Thailand a few days before Christmas, few people saw it.

    It featured serious phone booth action by two men who only knew one way: attrition. You knew just from watching it that somebody was getting knocked out. In the 10th round, somebody did Hernandez fell, could not get up, and lost his WBC Jr. Flyweight title.

    Hernandez has maintained that he lost because he wasn't acclimatized to fighting outdoors in the Thai heat. If they fought again in Mexico, things would be different.

    As it happens, Porpramook agreed to a fight in Mexico. The big question leading up to the fight was: would Hernandez get revenge, or is Porpramook just one of those dudes who has his number?

    The first two rounds was almost exactly like every round of the first fight. These guys weren't fucking around. They were bad men with bad intentions.

    In rd. 3, Hernandez caught Porpramook on the chin, and he went down. This changed the fight decisively in Hernandez' favour. After Porpramook got up, he was still dangerous, but Hernandez smelled blood.

    Finally, in rd. 6, Porpramook was knocked down once again. He got back up, but was on unsteady legs. The ref mercifully called a halt to the action.

    There's no doubt in my mind there will be a third fight. With both men being KOed by each other, nothing is settled at all.

    That said, since home soil seems to be a factor for both these fighters, perhaps the final fight should take place in a neutral country. Perhaps Switzerland?

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    I missed their first fight but it was huge over hear for boxing fans (which is pretty much the entire male population) and did catch a bit of the first round. Thanks for posting the video, can't wait for the rematch.


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