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    I've written about the flawed mentality of the 'set up' so many times it makes my fingers ache. I know many coaches view it as useful way of simplifying the principle of action re-action, but really it does more harm than good. It's like using the stalk to explain where babies come from to high schoolers.

    You can use movement and ashiwaza and other things to help create opportunities, but all those things do is to try and give you a leg up on the real skill, which is timing.

    Timing is the ultimate 'set-up', because you don't have to do something you just react when an opponent makes a mistake.

    Annoying thing about timing is that it's a pig to learn. It takes time, lots of randori, lots of quality instruction and above all lots of failure and frustration before you get it down.

    This video of Komuro is a good example, the only time he uses 'set-ups' as espoused by the Anglo-phone Judo community is when he's dicking about with white belts. The rest of the time it's pure timing.
    Good post judoka_uk. I was just about to go into a diatribe about “set ups” in Judo but you beat me to it. Set ups imply that an opponent will perform a certain sequence of actions when you perform a certain sequence of actions. There aren’t set ups in Judo.

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    In my year so far I have yet to learn tsurikomi goshi. I feel like I missed something now.

    The best chances I have had with harai goshi have been when I can use my long stride (I am taller than average) to angle off and find kazushi from uke having to try and "catch up". They often end up leaning forward nicely so I can fit in. It mostly only works on fellow beginners though, and my harai goshi isn't great.

    Its better than my tai otoshi though. Yeesh.

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