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    Quote Originally Posted by killa-Hz View Post
    I have but they were wearing a cup and we both were wearing 16oz gloves. Do you think he couldn't have put more power into his punches? It wasn't like he was mounted from the chest from the get-go.
    I think its really hard to get any sort of power without being able move your hips.
    You basically are only going to get arm strength punches when mounted and at really awkward angles that don't allow for very much rotation.

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    As someone who received a knee to the dick with such force that it resulted in a full on MMA Elbow-style gash across my shaft that caused it to open up like a pez dispenser and spew blood and resulted in a scar that caused my dick to be nicknamed Harry Potter-

    Wear a cup.
    "This is why we are here. Because the Martial Arts for too long have been cloaked in an unnecessary level of secrecy bordering on mysticism, and its in these shadows that the cockroaches love to hide. -Phrost"

    Quote Originally Posted by Squerlli
    And of course, our resident hard man, underground fighter, kitten rescuer, loving father (I'm serious), and over all very sexy furry ************... Budo monkeh.

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