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I understand totally about sport versus street. Not all students are interested in ring competition either, including more older, retired students who just want to take classes.
Who brought the argument up? You did. You just created a logical fallacy and then defended it with a logical fallacy. There are older and retired students that still compete. I told you not to go down this road. Age, infirmity, and slowing down has nothing to do with competition vs classes.

What I have been reading
This is why this thread will slowly go downhill. You are creating fallacies based on little to no experience. You then want to argue with people who have triple your experience in MAs.

is some San soo schools have added grappling and judo type styles and it has filtered in as a new San soo vs the old style that Master Jimmy Woo taught.
Yes, and did you check to see if any of these "schools" have at least Brown belt grappling level instructors in those respective arts. Hell, did you even ask when the grappling was added? If not, do they have at least college level grappling or coaching experience?

I also talked to
Yep another problem.

some of the more advanced San soo students and many had had training in various other styles of MA as well.
Yes, and this means ABSOLUTELY nothing see above as to why.

As I said I like all MA styles and like to catch ring matches when I can. StylesI forgot to mention one fact that I chose to learn about san soo vs the other MA styles. Too much wear and tear on my leg and lower back to learn kick boxing or TKD. I am better at upper body strength
slowly getting more ability in my lower body and
LOL, I'm not touching this part..