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    Interval training and cross-training

    Hi, all! I'm back with another question that's been nagging at me for the past two weeks. I'm an amateur boxer, as some of you may or may not know, and I consider that to be my primary objective: to be a good boxer. For no reason other than love of the sport. However, from a self-defense angle, I thought it prudent to add grappling to my toolbox of d34d1y 4rt5. For this reason (and because it looked fun!), I started learning BJJ. All goes well - BJJ's awesome and I'm training four to five days a week. While I spend around three hours a day at the boxing gym Thurs-Sun, my BJJ dojo operates both around my college and in New Orleans, so while I can only train in classes, I can take every class they offer. In terms of hours spent, my time spent on BJJ will end up just under time spent on boxing.

    And that's part of what I'm worried about. I'm worried that all my cross-training might interfere with the interval training I've been diligently following thus far. I do seven two-minute rounds of almost all of my workouts, but roll time and in-class conditioning doesn't follow that clock. To what degree will this hamper my boxing training? If it will make a significant impact, I will roll back (no pun intended) my BJJ time or, if I can manage it, step up my boxing training to smooth out the proportions.

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    As long as your not into the territory of "over training" you should be fine.
    Seeing how you use the muscles in different ways between boxing and BJJ I doubt that the crosstraining makes all that much of a difference on muscle efficiency.


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