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    Baji Quan Sanda Fight

    The title really says it all: it's a Sanda competition between two Baji Quan practiseners.
    There should be some nice Baji techniques visible in their Sanda or so I've read in the youtube comments.

    I just like Baji and while there's a Baji/Sanda club that trains in the same gym where I train my BJJ, there are only 24 hours in a day, so I watch them train from time to time inbetween BJJ drills.

    TLDR: Just enjoy the vid.

    (Originally I wanted to post it in the video section, but I can't find the video section.).

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    Nice takedowns. [email protected]:20

    [email protected]:10?
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    Cool video, especially the sweeps. Shame they cant use palm or elbow strikes due to the rules, might have made the striking in here a little more interesting. Baji seems to have a fair amount of applicable movements as far as throws and takedowns go, but I think with a little mechanical adjustment maybe some more of baji's energetics/striking could be integrated into full contact. For example I think the zhenjiao could be employed when throwing heavier straight punches in a similar method to what's described in jack dempsey's book.


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