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    I've always found Sumo interesting ..but I find too many of the matches are just pushing contests. I appreciate it more when a good throw is executed..that Czech guy was pretty damn good.
    Thanks for posting that up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ming Loyalist View Post
    he's my favorite sumo to watch these days. remember, kids, sumo is streamed live on the net
    Thanks for the link, Ming Loyalist. I couldn't find a Sumo live stream anywhere.

    As for the statue, I've been wondering about how old Shuai Jiao and many other wrestling forms really are. Dudes claiming that Shaolin is the birthplace of martial arts usually don't think about that.

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    Looks a lot like kuresh, a national sport in Bashkortostan and Tartarstan. I guess that would make sense considering the Mongol invasion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Rusher View Post
    I think it's a fairly stylized representation of one of the ancestors of shuai jiao, either jiǎolý or shǒubˇ, the latter of which is related to Japanese sumo. Speaking of which, I've been meaning to post this video of Takanoyama Shuntaro (a Czech judoka called Pavel Bojar) competing in sumo versus much larger opponents:

    It's some of the best competitive push hands I've ever seen, even though Mr Bojar has no CMA background.
    This is great. Thanks for the find, Jack.

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