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Thread: Dropping weight

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    Quote Originally Posted by itwasntme View Post
    Ftr, I will not be in starving dog mode but feral beast mode.
    That's the spirit!!!

    Electrolytes are the minerals in your blood that carry an electirc charge.

    Here's a webpage written by way more qualified people than I:

    It lists the vitamin suplements you'll need to get your minerals without the ton of sugar in most sports drinks.

    A quick fix is Emergen-C. Still has some sugar, but not as much as the "ade" drinks.

    For "emergency" dehydration situations (survival situation) you can throw some salt and sugar in water and go to town. But that doesn't really apply in your situation. (iz just for info.)

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    I agree on staying away from Powerade. People get carried away because of **** they hear on commercials. Yeah, you need electolytes. No, that doesn't mean you need to drink Powerade.

    One thing I've learned through experimentation with various eating habits and exercise habits is that we 'Muricans tend to drastically overestimate how much food we need. It's funny, I used to think the older I got the more ridiculous I had to get with my workouts to overcome a plummeting metabolism.

    I realized I've always eaten too much, even when I had a six pack and was in the best shape of my life. Even when I was eating healthy food, I ate too much of it. It isn't necessary to eat like a horse and honestly I just never thought it was anything but normal. One day I had an epiphany and ordered a six inch sub instead of a foot long. Imagine that.

    I've found that I can maintain my weight now exactly where I want it by eating healthy, but without a psycho diet and a little exercise but nothing nuts. Actually, I don't need to exercise at all to maintain my weight. I exercise for overall fitness and health.

    As far as weight maintenance goes, I picked the ideal weight I wanted to achieve. I used a five pound range. I achieved that weight. I weigh myself first thing in the morning every day. If I'm near the top of that range I'll be more careful about what I eat for a few days. If I'm near the bottom of that range - yay!!! Pizza and beer! It works pretty well.

    I don't like counting calories. It's a pain in the ass. You can achieve the same result by carefully monitoring your weight. If you're losing weight, you know you're achieving a calorie deficit. If you're gaining weight, you have a calorie surplus. Don't try to fool yourself by fucking around with your hydration levels and **** like that. Weight loss really isn't rocket science. Use some common sense and don't starve yourself and you'll be fine.

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    Good deal. Thanks everyone for the good info!
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    Lift a lot of weights and sexually assault anyone who tries step to you. Flip the script. Watch that fight turn to flight when you go for penetration.
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    Just for future reference dude..... when you are doing it right you don't soil your under-roos when you nail chicks.

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