Hello there;

Firstly I would like to apologise if I made this thread in the wrong location, but due to it having great relevance to MMA, I thought this may be the best place.

Currently I am living in the U.A.E (Abu Dhabi), and I am going to be here for another 2 years. So I plan on taking my MMA training to the next level. I train MMA in the Abu Dhabi combat club, but the thing is I have always felt the training for MMA was especially weak.

Let me elaborate on what I mean by "weak". Basically the training overall doesn't excel in anything, whether it is strength and conditioning, technique or sparring. The teacher although from what I see is specialised in many different martial arts, the group doesn't seem too interested. And this results to the group being a wide variety of people, which the majority don't seem too interested in technique but only training because they probably saw "never back down" (which a group of 2 told me was the reason of them training). That is perfectly ok, but as long as they are determined to improve (which is not the case).

I feel this impacts on me because half the time it is the teacher trying to get those who are not helping the group to get them into the training. Not the teacher trying to hone our skills.

Well in essence (those who know any info about Abu Dhabi) are there any other respected MMA academy's out there. Budget isn't the problem for me, I am simply trying to look for an academy which is truly interested in pushing the students...

I read that U.A.E is quite a popular MMA location (UFC did hold a tournament here). But although that I don't see many proper training establishments.

Thanks for the help in advance :)