I've been considering lately moving forward with my freerunning knowledge, to coach others in the art and use my fitness knowledge to train people who want to get in shape. My ideal would be to open my own facility like this:
Basically, I would provide coaching for freerunners, open gym for those not wanting coaching, fitness classes for those not interested in the art (using the exercises and basic movement skills we use in the art), and possibly an indoor playground for folks that just want to have some fun.

I've been shopping around about how to be a legitimate coach in parkour, but the problem is that the art is so eclectic that the people who are certifying others, pretty much gave themselves the right to do so.
(This really is a great place to learn. I can't speak for the McDojo-style certification program.)

So my questions for those who are in the know:
What certifications/degrees/licenses would be ideal for a plan like this? What would be the bare necessities?