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    Hello from Seattle (Also newb BJJ question)

    I recently started (1.5 weeks ago) BJJ at a Gracie Barra school nearby where I live. It's been an absolute blast so far and I'm already finding myself daydreaming about it and wishing that I had class that night when I didn't.

    I did have a quick question about chokes. We've gone over a couple in the 5 classes I've been to but the hardest part for me is knowing how much pressure to use. Ideally, I understand that (correct me if I'm wrong) if you're 100% technically correct it shouldn't take too much push/pulling for them to tap out (I've found this is the case with a good arm bar: keep your knees pinched, heels tight, raise your hips and you barely have to straighten the arm before they tap).

    With chokes though I'm having a hard time knowing which of these situations I'm in:

    1. Choke isn't done right and I'm just cranking their neck. If I tighten harder (push pull or whatever is necessary) then I'm just going to create pain but not actually properly deliver a choke. This is just uncomfortable for my partner and not good practice, therefore should be avoided. (Felt particularly bad when working on a triangle choke).

    2. The choke is set in right but I do actually need to apply more pressure. There have been several times where I think I'm applying adequate pressure and thus my technique must be wrong but the guy I'm working with just says "pull harder man" and then it works and he taps.

    I'm just having a hard time trying to know when I'm in situation 1 and should adjust and when I'm in situation 2 and need to apply more pressure. Any advice?

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    Welcome to Bullshido.

    I thought I spelled it wrong, but as I said I'm a mechanic not an English professor.

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    Ask any fellow at the school and he will show you. It's too hard to explain basic technique via Web. Also, don't be too afraid to hurt the stronger or more experienced fellows. Keep trying the chokes. After sometimes that people choke you, you will know the right way. Welcome!


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