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    Quote Originally Posted by battlefields View Post
    Not sure, but it's an old old old Aussie Pizza Hut ad, iirc. Dude delivers pizza to his own home and asks his dad for a tip. Dad says above quote. Became a staple dad joke from then on. Now I'm rehashing it for the next generation.
    I totally rember seeing Dougie and this commercial in High school. Seeing how this was pre Youtube I am now I am you know over here in the USA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gregaquaman View Post
    When I finally master my basics I will let you know.

    but the thai stance took a bit because of the narowness of it. You just can't get lazy on it.
    Hahaha I thought I was doing it wrong, but it actually is quite narrow hey?!
    I think I just need to bend my knees a little more too?
    And remembering to distribute your weight between your legs is annoying

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