Hey guys,

So, I know I only post in this subforum when I get kind of hurt and am not sure if I should go to the doctor immediately or try to wait a few days to see if it gets better. And here we are again.

So, you may or may not know that trick where you cut an angle and then round kick directly to the belt line across your opponent's body, so if the kick is defended you still stretch the elastic on your opponent's jock strap and cause his cup to slap him in the balls. Anyways, I was taught that, and I show that to other students because damnit it works.

Anyways, so that was done to me in sparring about an hour or so ago and it left a pretty bad bruise. At first I was worried about my left testicle because the area got swollen in a hurry, but when I checked the actual bean is the normal size and all in one place. The damage appears to be about a quarter of an inch above by the base and the swelling of that bruise is just putting pressure on my testicles.

There's no nausea and I only experience pain if I try and bounce or walk fast. As I said, it's not the actual testicle but the very close area around it including some of the bag skin that's black and blue and swollen. I just put ice on it about ten minutes ago.

Obviously if it gets any worse I'll go see a doctor. But since my bare bones insurance probably won't help me with an emergency urology appointment I don't want to jump the gun. Does anyone with experience with this have a recommended time frame that I should wait for the swelling to go down before I should bite the bullet and pay out of pocket for a visit?

Again, the pain is pretty minor, though I definitely won't be doing any more sparring or running sprints this weekend. If it involved any less vital or sensitive organ I would just walk off discomfort at the same level. But I get paranoid when it comes to my brain and/or my reproductive organs.