A while back, I was determined to exercise more and I would do as many push-ups and situps as I could in a set 3 times a day at one hour intervals. I eventually injured myself and ended up not doing any exercise except walking to and from work and my daughter's daycare.

About three weeks ago I decided on a different strategy, I started doing a set of ten knuckle push ups, ten situps, and ten of a squat type exercise I learned in the U. S. Army back in the '80s where you keep your back straight, crouch down and touch your mid-calf while coming up on your toes and then straightening back up. I would do one set every hour between rounds at work. I eventually added two extra sets in the first two hours to bring the number of repetitions a day up to a round one hundred. I also have a forearm grip exerciser that I will do ten repetitions with in each hand, then invert and attempt to hold closed for 15 seconds with each hand.

I seem to be having some results but wonder if I'm just fooling myself or if I'm actually doing myself any good with this routine. My diet is not anything to write home about but I do eat decent home cooked meals provided by my wife.