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    10/29/2012 7:46am

    Join us... or die

    I already put this on my iPod. Bizarre, yet catchy LOL.

    I snagged the one with the English subtitles.
    Last edited by slamdunc; 10/29/2012 7:55am at .
    I thought I spelled it wrong, but as I said I'm a mechanic not an English professor.
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    Posted On:
    12/29/2012 4:27pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lindz View Post
    It sounds even sillier with subtitles
    It doesn't really have the Gravitas of the old Soviet propaganda music, does it? Alexander Nevsky was a little more apealing.

    I wish Phrost would put this video up on taticallol.com.
    Lone Wolf McQuade Final Fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmrDe_mYUXg
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