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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom .C View Post
    Just give the guy that had to grapple with you a bottle of Crown Royal and you'll be ok.
    Make sure the sun never shines on that bottle again.

    Really, what else is grappling for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by erezb View Post
    I suggest those alcoholic pads before each roll, and put it on the other guy!!! you guys need to invent some sort of a body condom for this kind of up close and personal work out.
    But for real now, do you have any tips on how not to get crap? (besides wearing a gi..which i do mainly cause i sweat like a chinchilla in a rabbit farm). Do you think that if i rinse myself immediately after a session with alcohol it's enough?
    top level gyms like marcelo garcia's gym in nyc have showers on hand with defense soap in the dispensers. everyone is encouraged to shower right after class. also the mats are cleaned with mat cleaner several times a day.

    my dojo doesn't do that, but we are smaller, and judo focused so the gi and general lack of filthy wrestlers protects us a bit. that's not good enough for me, so i shower right after class with head and shoulders as a body wash (the zinc kills fungal nasties) and then defense soap as well to kill anything else. so far the worst i have gotten is a pair of nasty plantar warts (those were painful as hell to remove.)

    when visiting other places where i may not get to shower right away. i use defense soap wipes (like wet wipes) right after i get off the mat.
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