Quick and Dirty Synopsis of Self

I'll admit it. As a kiddo I loved David Carradine's TV series. I was growing up in a pop culture I did not understand, but because it was flashy, I drank it in. My cousin had a Bruce Lee poster (all cousins in the South have at least one you can point to), and I had no idea who that actor was until I hit puberty. I was raised not to fight, but as you remember, public schools come with free bullies. My mother got wind of the bully situation at school and pushed me into the school's judo club. Even more bullies there. Thanks Mom. Later in high school, I eventually signed up at a TKD school at the south end of town. The teacher was a real slick salesman, but he had twitch skills, could break boards, and look and sound impressive. I hung around those guys for a couple of years. Eventually I would enter an "open tournament" and get creamed (point wise) by a Goju practitioner who didn't care I could do spin kicks or other pretty techniques. I am thankful for that nameless Goju practitioner. Because of his effective routing, I would but my black belt in the closet and go looking for something else.

Years later, after all the point tournament stuff of youth, and after the couple of "good" teachers I trained with, I've decided that how I train my body now may or may not have anything to do with surviving a street attack. I suppose we now carry guns for that emergency. I do my bit now with my body to stay as lean as possible, keep joint flexibility going, and settle in for the frost of old age. I train by myself now after years of drinking in what others have said in their training halls. I'm weird that way currently (maybe it will change). Thanks to the expectations of the couple of good teachers I experienced, I can go out in the old yard and spend an hour or two, lose the dross of the day, and wipe my sweat on my own bath towel when I'm finished.

"Woops...that's me."