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    Welcome to almost 2 years ago.

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    Twitcher, I don't exactly understand what you mean by your post.

    Sometimes, when you go for a guillotine, they defend by pulling hard on the choking arm, and you can follow this up with a triangle choke (because they are pulling one of their arms towards their legs but not the other). Is this what you are talking about when you say "wrapping your legs around their head"? In general you do not want to have your legs wrapped around their head unless you also have one arm inside for the triangle. Otherwise you are just letting them pass your guard.

    As for ending up in the spider guard... I guess you could start using the spider guard after they defend against your guillotine, but you could also do anything else you wanted. I don't see any particular advantage to playing the spider guard right after a failed guillotine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Twitcher
    There is a gullotine+sprawl move that ends up with a) your legs wrapped around the guy's neck pounding at his face, or b) in a "spider guard?"

    It theory.

    P.S. This thread caught my attention because it's similar to the "gillotine sprawl."
    OK, I'll bite. How do you sprawl with your legs wrapped around his head? Alternatively, how do you sprawl and then move to spider guard?
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