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    Fight Review: Robert Stieglitz vs. Arthur Abraham

    What happens when an offensive boxer meets a defensive puncher? Fireworks. But first, let me give you background on this fight.

    Many of you may know Arthur Abraham from the Super Six tournament where he KOed Jermain Taylor in the 12th round in his first match. Unfortunately, he got a DQ loss to Andre Dirrelll, was thoroughly outboxed by Carl Froch, and completely outclassed by Andre Ward.

    Still, before the Super Six, he was the creme de la creme of the middleweights, with only Kelly Pavlik (arguably) being his superior. Unfortunately, he hasn't handled the step up to super middleweight — where all his losses have happened. Despite his difficulties in super middleweight, he hasn't stopped trying to prove he belongs in the division.

    Robert Stieglitz, for his part was rated #2 by Ring Magazine as a super middleweight. Despite this, Stieglitz was commonly regarded as the weakest titleholder, having never fought the class of opponent that Ward or Froch has.

    Though he was the titleholder, Stieglitz entered this fight pretty much with a challenger mentality — knowing that he needed to beat a big name to make the big money. Abraham, for his part, looked at this fight as his last chance. If he didn't win, he'd never be regarded as a marquee name in boxing ever again.

    Everyone who knows both fighters knew what they had to do. Stieglitz had to go in outgunning Abraham with high volume punches and combos, then step out of the way when Abraham launched his counter attack. Abraham pretty much had to do what Abraham always does: stay in the high guard, wait till his opponent punches himself out, then punch very hard.

    This is exactly how the fight played out, and though it was predictably, it was still heavy in drama. For one, it became apparent that Stieglitz didn't have the fight work to out maneuver Abraham. This caused him to eat a whole lot of straight rights from Abraham, which resulted in bruising on Stieglitz' eye. Once one eye was damaged, Abraham went to work on the other eye.

    Stieglitz never gave up, though. At the first two minutes of every round, he rained in a high barrage of combos on Abraham. On most any fighter, this would be enough.

    Though no knockout happened, Abraham won a very close fight by unanimous decision on scores of 116-112, 116-112, and 155-113. This victory for Abraham opens the door for potential showdowns with Mikael Kessler, Kelly Pavlik, or Felix Sturm.

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    I watched the fight on TV... not a bad fight. I had the impression that Abraham was more active than in previous fights - I remember him as hiding behind his guard, waiting, absorbing punches, them suddenly going into high gear and beating the crap out of his opponents. In this fight, he was more agile, more offensive... and he landed some really hard shots. Well-deserved win against a game opponent.
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