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    After training for ten years, I finally suffered my first sprain (wrist) this past monday. It's not too bad, and seems to be healing rapidly.
    I am, thankfully, not very injury prone.
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    I am not sure I have a "most memorable" as they all suck and I hate thinking about them.

    My most memorable is not my injury and is not a MA related. While in college playing football, I watched a player on the opposing team break his tibia and fibula to the point where he was laying face down and his toes were pointed towards the sky. The memorable part, as we saw broken bones weekly, was the paramedics doing a "field set" of the broken bones. We could here the trauma doctors telling the paramedics what they needed to do to the kid.

    My most recent injury occured the Wednesday right before NAGA St. Louis this year. I was doing a bull in the ring and went for an upa when my left oblique tore loose. I was always weak there from getting kicked in the ribs by my dad when I was 7-8 years old. The ribs had broken off and never healed back, so the obliques have less attachment, hence making them weak on that side. How I overcame, going to the NAGA event and kicking the crap out of my division. It made me feel quite a bit better. :)

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    The two best ones would be when i broke my neck in gymnastics, and when i got hit by a car while on my bicycle.
    I still have some issues with both of those.

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    Hmmmmm, injuries. Ten years ago I was told that I was really getting better. All that had happened was that one arm and one leg healed and I had four limbs, once again. Lately I"ve given up on the healing part. Injuries have taken me to a lower level and I don't expect to be able to overcome. My current instructor is even older than I, and has had 31 operations, after being "saved" with an engine on his lap, sitting in the back seat. He had been driving the car when he was hit. He's adjusted and still works out. I expect I'll keep working out too, but like Professor, I'll just have to adjust.

    *edit, but he's fucking thin! I have an idea that if I get thin I'll last a lot longer, in more ways than one.
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    Broken Radius and Ulna during Brown Belt test off a botched Ura Nage, failed the test. Surgery, 2 plates, 12 screws and 3 months of healing and rehab. Retook test and passed.

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    I am currently a week and a half post op for ACL reconstruction on my right knee. I tore my ACL and maniscus while stick fighting. So far this injury beats all my broken bones(clavicle, ankle, nose, fingers, toes, ribs) and other surgery(abdominal laparotomy).

    Yeah, I'm all busted up. And rehab sux!
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    I remember I tore my (left)ACL doing a front stretch/split during an precomp training. Yeah I'll admit that does suck on a different scale then breaking bones. The heal time is long to, 6 months for me. I'm excited to get my hand splint off in a week or two. I have a feeling I'm going to train till I puke when fully rehabilitated.

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    Judo, randori, I spazz into something resembeling a tomoe nage, and manage to get my pinkytoe get caught in/underneath his belt, CRACK.

    It was kinda funny.

    I stood up, and for about the first 5 to 10 secs you dont feel anything weird...then the pain kicks in...good lord..

    Just remembered another one: BJJ rolling, I try to scramble for sidecontrol and we used to have these lose mats you pile up in a corner of the gym afterwards, so during the scrambeling I got caught with my big toe between two mats (in the sorta crack) and the toenail of my big toe was standing up in a 90 degree angle.

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    One time a couple weeks ago my right knee felt a little sore after doing a lot of knee strikes during training. It felt better the next day though.

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    I caught the chain on the heavy bag doing a roundhouse tonight. Lost some skin, but damn it was a pretty kick!

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