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    Kettlebell / Bag of Rice / Bulgarian bag variant (self made and cheap)

    Wanting to get some new training equipment which would ideally be sports-specific (grappling), i stumbled above this:


    I gamed around with the idea and finished buying a sea-sack ( like the vaude orca, but i'm sure there are cheaper variants out there ) and 10 kilos of cheap rice.

    The clue:
    Buy 10-22 kilos of Rice and fill it in the bag, close it and remark on the Kettle-bell like form, when rolling down wide.
    Now depending on the density of your material you can have a KettleBell-ish or with the Gi-option described in the Video, Bulgarian-Bag-ish training tool which is also usable as a bucket of rice.
    And you can upgrade the weight when you start getting stronger :)


    PS: please excuse typos, etc. since english is not my native language
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