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Sounds like a pretty great guy. I'm pleasantly surprised that he sparred with you, in spite of of his group's policy of having little or no aliveness. Why did he choose to spar with you? Is there a certain point after which members are allowed to spar, or did he just want to indulge you?
I think they're just much further down on the aliveness-scale when it comes to sparring. He likes my guys a lot because we're well-trained, and it doesn't bug us to work with live blades. It might also be a case of differing opinions of the word "sparring" - to them, they might exclusively feel that's getting padded up, and grabbing trainer weapons. Both times I've trained with him, we did a little slap-boxing and sticking hands - this time I was actively trying to draw one of his knives while doing so, but he's pretty canny about protecting them.

Also, you said that they try to use live weapons whenever possible, does that mean that the katars and knives used in sparring were sharp?
Yes. All weapons were fight-worthy - no dull blades or flimsy props. The sticks were kamagong or bahi.

]While I don't think that you can really "win" against multiple opponents with any sort of consistency, I've found that I survive longer than I used to when my FMA class does multi-person sparring, and sometimes I can even successfully run away.
We also did a multiple opponent drill, with one person standing in the centre of the circle, sort of a zombie town scenario, and the goal was to make it to the outside. Unsurprisingly, we all died like punks.