On their website, it says:

"The Official Martial Art of the City of Compton by city council proclamation. Founded by Soke, O-Sensei, Elder Grandmaster, Doctor, Professor Irvin Robert Garfield Murphy, Sr. in 1972."

"Company Overview
Founded in 1972. Named official martial art of the City of Compton by city council resolution in 2002. Founder and CEO, Soke Professor Doctor Elder Grandmaster Sensei Robert Murphy. Senior Masters Amiruddina Qadir (8th level), Tim Stewart (7th level), and Michael MacCalister (7th Level). Instructor Darren Davis, Assistant Instructors Mark Robinson Jr. and Elizabeth Hernandez."

It says they teach "Compton-T'e-Do".

Now, my question is, apparently Robert Murphy founded Isshin-Shorinji Ryu Okinawa-Te... but he opened schools in New Jersey.

I have read nothing of him opening a school in Compton, California.

Can anybody tell me anything about this school in Compton called "Eyes of the Hawk Karate"?