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    Okay whoa whoa whoa wait everyone stop. Just stop.

    How many bullies do we HAVE in Thailand right now??? Roll call.

    I remember talking to you Neo about you coming here right? Or was it the other way 'round?

    Also, I could have used this thread a while ago (I just moved to a new place with the GF near Don Mueng Airport). Anyhoo, I found a nice gym that I'm gunna try out tomorrow called "P.J. Mansions Muay Thai", it's a lot bigger and cleaner and more highscale than what I'm used to (THEY HAVE SPARRING GEAR AND NO DUCT TAPE ON THE EQUIPMENT) and the level of the fighters is a lot higher too (I went from training with 17 year old Tapee River Champs to the 2008 Beijing Flyweight Gold and Light Welter silver, my head nearly exploded).

    I'll let everyone know how it goes tomorrow (I'll prolly embarrass myself but whatever). Also, not expensive which is good (I was being trained pro bono in Surat because I'm just that cool).

    Sorry if this is random and disorganized but I'm on a high right now from a) finding the gym a mere two hours ago b) finding a thread exactly about what I just did (I basically asked around with my **** Thai until I got somewhere) and c) there are more bullies here than I thought! (Throwdown mayhaps?)

    Anyways yeah, this is badass, Hi and sorry if I didn't notice where you were from or lived or whatever before.

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    I was there with my wife for 6 months, but we're back in the states now, where I can at least get beaten up by people near my own age instead of 15 year old kids.

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    We are a small gym Located in Thonglor, central Sukhumvit our gym caters mostly to Pro fighters and people that just want to stay fit and learn something new. We have a great stable of Muay Thai fighters so that we always have sparring partners. The gym is located on the 10th floor of the Waterford Condominium.

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    Sasiprapa Gym has always treated me well, but then again I'm biased because my Kru has been friends with the owner since they were teenagers.

    I'd recommend also checking out 96 Penang & Chuwattana. I have friends who train at both and have fought for them as well. Chuwattana has some pretty heavy sparring days as well from when I went to check it out. 96 Penang is dirty as **** but it's built under a highway overpass. They have a lot of good fighters there as well and you can get some decent clinch work in there.

    What it comes down to is how you feel at that particular gym, everyone has different experiences at these gyms because they end up at these places through various means (word of mouth, friends, reference, etc).

    Good luck!

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