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    Women in international muay thai and kickboxing

    Am I the only one who has noticed how incredibly difficult to asses the state of women's kickboxing, muay thai and how well evolved women fighters in these sports are relative to male K-1 and muay thai kickboxers and for that matter, tkd fighters?

    For women's combat sports on the national and international level, it honestly seems like the striking sports are second rate and not nearly as tough or competitive as women's grappling sports. In fact, sometimes it seems like women's kickboxing, muay thai and Olympic tkd are something of a joke relative to Judo on the international circuit.

    If that is true, then why is this ? If it is not true, and I am being completely ignorant, then why is it so hard to find out about women's kickboxing and muay thai in Europe, Asia or America ? And who are some of the well known women's kickboxers and muay thai specialists who have the necessary strength and toughness to deal with fighters like Rousey and Harrison if they got into MMA (and of course learned the necessary grappling skills) ?

    I mean, Marloes Coenen is the only women's kickboxer from Europe that I even really know of and while she's a fairly good MMA fighter, it seems she is not nearly strong enough or tough enough to deal with someone like Rousey. Rousey has become well known now for her sheer toughness as she has been fighting with male MMA fighters for years, fighting through injuries that would make adult men cry and so on. I doubt Marloes is anywhere near as tough and I dont know if there are any women's kickboxers/muay thai strikers from Europe are, hell, I dont know if that many of the men in muay thai and K-1 are that tough.

    I mean, they're largely from Europe, from nations like Holland, France, Italy and Russia, how can Euroweenies be as tough and determined and badass as American fighters such as the elite judoka in the Olympics ? Well ok, that last comment was complete joking/sarcasm/facetiousness but still, the original questions remain.

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    Am I the only one who has noticed that you've posted this exact same thread in two different forums, and a third very similar one?

    Way to go, you're batting 1.000.


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