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    Hi all!

    I'm a 22 yo student living in Spain. I love reading and watching horror movies. I'm 6feet tall, looking for an open relationsh-ahem.

    Seriously, just another noob. I practiced Shotokan for some 5 years as a kid, Karate Shotokan Kase-ha to be precise. Due to a severe illness I stopped practicing, then I got to highschool, one thing led to another and at some point I was already a university exchange student in Canada with a couple hours that I needed to fill. I remembered I liked Karate, so I took up Sanshou. If enlightment is full of sores, rivers of sweat and hard to breathe, then that is what happened. I was enlightned.

    I practiced Sanshou for a year. Then I went back to Spain, and seeing as I live in a small coastal town in the north, I didn't have a very big choice of ma. For that summer I started Krav Maga, since I already had all the equipment I could need. I loved it too, the instructor really focused on teaching self-defense... sparring everyday... even joined kickboxing to learn more boxing and kicking... But then I had to move to Madrid (some 500 km away).

    For several months I was too busy to train in anything. And when I finally sorted everything out it was already december, lots of holidays, visiting the family....

    Anyway: since I really enjoyed my Krav Maga classes back in my hometown I decided to look for gyms with teachers of the same Krav Maga Association. It was a fucking disappointment to be taught by the head of the association (the highest ranking guy and suposedly with a greater expertise than any other teacher). That was the time when I was finally convinced that fucking titles mean fucking nothing if you can't fucking back them up (I get angry because not only did I have to pay more for the same amount of hours that I did in my hometown (almost double), but there were way too many people in a too reduced a space to train comfortably without stepping on each other's toes, and the level of the class set by the instructor was for sissies compared to my previous experience). I didn't last more than a month.

    Afterwards I remembered Canada, some special classes focusing on ground work and projections that were really interesting, and comments by my firt KM instructor about how addictive ground game is, so I kind of tried BJJ... and it was just what I was looking for: great teacher, great partners, rolling everyday.

    Seeing as the vast majority of spanish-speaking forums are of scarce help when it comes to doubts about weightlifting for ma practitioners, and is also full of un-fucking-believable biased comments on a 80-20 ratio, I decided to sign up in here.

    TL;DR Hi, nice meeting y'all. BJJ practitioner, former Krav Maga doer :happy:

    BTW Kalimera is "good morning" in greek :melvin:

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    Good morning, friend. Welcome to bullshido. You'll find the "Physical Training, Diet and Health Forum" is full of wisdom and experience. So I'd like to take this moment to recommend not ever posting there, ever. Hit the search button. There's not much there that hasn't been covered already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarzis View Post
    I'm 6feet tall
    That's pretty tall for a lady!

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Machette View Post
    Lift a lot of weights and sexually assault anyone who tries step to you. Flip the script. Watch that fight turn to flight when you go for penetration.
    Quote Originally Posted by Raycetpfl View Post
    Just for future reference dude..... when you are doing it right you don't soil your under-roos when you nail chicks.


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