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    Good stuff from PFL.
    Although the fact that the Baptist church isn't pitching in raises my hackles, I'm no theologian but I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't throw "Unless they have beards and turbans" in when he was telling us to minister to the needy in our communities. Particularly since he probably looked more like the Sikhs than, well, me.

    At least I can be comforted that they're unlikely to be a Southern Baptist sect, considering that it's in Joe McCarthy land. Then again it's not like we're so free from sin I can cast the first stone (that whole wedding deal that just crawled off the headlines, ugh!).

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    Quote Originally Posted by RhinoUP View Post
    I take a lot of cabs around NY and many of them are sikhs. I have a habit of yapping with just about anyone. These people are unbelievably kind and hard working. Some have awesome stories of success and living the American dream.

    Yes I'm stereotyping, but it's true.
    Good to know. It's same in the UK.

    It's easily overlooked but Sikhs are also a Warrior Caste. Consider The Khalsa, which was their very brave and well-trained Army; their Gunners were really good, having been trained by the French.

    Which also shows that shooter to be incredibly un-educated and ignorant.

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    About a third of my workforce are Sikhs atm. Yesterday morning they all came into my office in a nervous huddle and the "frontman" Bajinder asked if they could all finish early today for Diwali. I played the "Well, I'm not sure, we're going to be really busy. Ask me at hometime" card. They came in again last night even more nervous and I told them of course they can finish early.

    Arrived in my office this morning to find this next to my desk:

    Came over all emotional. HAPPY DIWALI BROTHERS!!

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