Hey guys here's another instructional video for you all on a good drill to help increase your finishing percentage when you get the back. Slapped this video together pretty fast, but I have some more high quality ones on the way.


Also I'm doing a webinar next thursday 8/9/2012.

I ran a poll on facebook on what subject I should go over in my this webinar, and it was "grappling defense" by a landslide. So I'm going to be going over non-stop escapes and defenses in this webinar for people who want to get away from the ground game and get the fight back standing!

The webinar is free, and I might have a special guest. All you have to do to reserve your spot is click the link below and enter your name:



I'm going to be doing lots of Q & A too, so any questions you have for me will be answered in the webinar! I'm also going to give you some cool free content, and sneak peaks into my training camp for UFC 153 when I face the legendary Vitor Belfort just for joining the webinar! See you there :)



Here is another instructional on some advanced back control and finish drills from the BJJ instructor at my gym, Mike Sanford. This is a new type of instructional style we took a crack at for the first time. It's different, but studies have shown that reading descriptions while hearing them help your memory, but I think we overdid it with the text a bit. We saw a few other things we'll do different next time too, but tell us what you think. The move is pretty cool!


Hope you guys enjoy it. If you're on my email list you already got to see this a couple weeks back, if you enter your email you'll be the first to receive new videos and exclusive prizes, and info on free webinars like the one I'm doing live tomorrow!


Also if you're ever in Mississippi come stop by my club on the gulf coast as my guest: http://www.alanbelchermmaclub.com/