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    fighting when getting cornered against rope/cage

    I have a mma fight coming up and yes im a striker for sure but Ive noticed I get moving a lot and start finding myself circling the cage (which I dont want to do especially since im facing a bjj guy) and I do it without even realizing it. My boxing coach tells me to "get on my bike" and circle out and my mma coach tells me as soon as I start to notice im going back to circle right away into the middle.
    Now they are some good advice my I was looking for any kind of striking techniques or something to do and get off.
    Yes my strategy is to take the center but it doesnt always go as planned.
    Any advice? It would help a lot. Thanks

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    There sort of isnt. If you are bumped up against a wall it is mostly takedown defence and wrestling.

    But working off the wall in MMA is a large part of it and the tactics vary.
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    When he shoots on you, don't get tempted to pull him down for the guillotine unless you're certain you've got it locked in. Focus on defending the takedown or try to finish the submission while standing first by backing him into the cage.

    If you lose the guillotine after pulling them down to the ground, you've essentially just pulled guard in an MMA fight.
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