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    Outdoors heavy bag contraption

    Exams are here, and I need something to kick. My roomate is too light, he would be all over the place. So, heavy bag.

    I don't have a porch or a suitable tree to hang it, so I think that a custom stand will be required. Any ideas?

    This looks plausible, although a bit shakey.

    Also, I'm open to the idea of buying a free standing bag that is not ****.

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    Can you put eyelets in your ceiling somewhere?

    Most of the freestanding ones i've seen are pretty shitty.
    I've seen wall mounted ones that looked decent.
    You can also frame out the corner of a room, kind of like this:

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    I have a free standing bag(Wavemaster) and also a B.O.B. bag. If you were going to by a free standing bag, you wouldn't want to go with the little one. Even though it does hold up well, I've been kicking the **** out of mine for like 15 years, you can't kick it well when it is in a high position. The shaft ends up being exposed right where you would do a leg kick. I ended up wraping mine with foam and then duct tape to make it into a bigger one.

    The XXL wavemaster is awesome but like 300 dollars. For that much you may as well buy a stand for the bag. Which I have one of those also, and it works as good as anything. But a little pricey.

    Do you have any old tires laying around anywhere? I've seen some cool dummies that people have built out of spare tires. You can kick them, punch them, and if using sticks you will break a stick before you mess up a tire. Just something to think about.

    My B.O.B. bag works great and I use stick on it without any damage to the torso. But not good for kicking.

    In hind sight I would have not bought the small wavemaster or heavy bag stand and would have just got the XXL bag. But I was not in the position to buy one when I first started buying gear. The smaller wavemaster was like 89 bucks. But it also tends to move around when you kick it so you have to work around the bag when you use it. I actually like that though. You can get creative with the footwork.
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