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    Simultaneous Success in NSW and QLD- Kids now grappling!

    "Some kids at school are bullying her and her friend, but she's too docile to do anything about it!"

    I can't express the hysteria of my friend, who I'll call Nix, when she informed me of this situation. Nix's young daughter, 7 years old, was not only experiencing bullying at school, but in this same conversation I learnt that Nix's ex had abused her as a young child, not sexually, not physically, but mentally, locking her in her room while her mother was at work. Now, as you can imagine, this was a delicate situation.

    Obviously I suggested counselling, something with a bit more clout than what a government funded primary school provides. Not that I don't have faith in the school system, I just don't have faith in the school system. I went to counselling at school for bullying around that age and I just didn't understand why I was being sent to a room to talk about what these kids had done to me, it felt like a punishment and it wasn't well explained or conveyed that it wasn't. And despite the lower socio-economic factor where the school is and the fact that child abuse is probably standard fare, I suggested an actual psychologist that has experience in this area.

    My other suggestion was Judo. I researched their local PCYC and found a legit club, with a kids class. I did my due diligence in accordance with bullshido.net principles (lineage, association, it's judo, though, so this was easy) and provided the information to Nix, with an obviously enthusiastic recommendation being that I was recommending something about which I am passionate. Last night I received a message:

    Judo was a massive success, she loved it!!! :)
    Nix had also managed to rope in her friend into bringing her 3 children to go along as well, as the kids are all hyperactive. So I just increased this clubs attendance by FOUR kids! Should I be looking for commission? I doubt I'd get much, the cost is freaking minimal, as expected!


    But that's not all, the friend that introduced me to Nix, Tam, contacted me via Facebook and asked if I knew any kickboxing joints in Castle Hill for her young son, near where I used to live and actually where my first BJJ school is situated. I suggested one of the more renowned kickboxing gyms in the area, but recommended grappling after finding out the reason she was searching.

    Apparently young fella found himself in trouble at school during gymnastics for fighting and a counsellor suggested he needs to let out some of his "masculine aggression", possibly through martial arts. I said that Judo or Jiu Jitsu, both held in the same venue at Castle Hill would be my recommendation because of all the reasons we have discussed in many threads here on bullshido.net, including it be easier to explain self defence while sitting on someone than trying to explain bloody noses.

    I provided the link to my old school because I have a lot of respect for Simon, my old instructor, and if I remember correctly, his son is in the kids class and whenever I caught the end of the kids class, all the kids were friends, happy and having a great time.

    Quick plug for my old instructor (Will- Machado):


    Another bloke was copied in on that Facebook message and he suggested Kung Fu Academy, Castle Hill, because he was formerly an instructor there. I checked out the site: www.kungfuacademy.com.au

    Okay. I agreed with the guy in one thing he said, that Tam should make sure that whoever they go with she must ensure they know how to work with kids. Fair call. But linking that site, where there are several "Shi Fu"'s, all mean mugging in frankly fucking ridiculous poses, seems odd, with weapons all over the place, seems like a bit of a hectic place to send a kid with aggression. He suggested that the wu shu would be good for the gymnastics.

    I PM'd Tam without this guy seeing because I didn't want to shut him down, not because I am scared, but because I am respectful. There's no need to, I have a more solid argument for grappling for kids.

    I think I said one of my favourite quotes of mine ever:

    The thing is false expectations, in kung fu he will believe he can fight when he can't, whereas in judo he will know he can fight, so he won't.
    She is enrolling him with my old instructor today.

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    Aww, I can't give feedback twice on a post! Alas!

    Great write up, awesome to hear they took your advice and loved it with the girl, and hopefully the guy does to!

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