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    Sorry to be a bit off topic, but is there anywhere I could learn more about this competition?

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    You should try the Google.

    If you go to the google, and type in National Kuoshu may return some links with information that you might find helpful.

    If not for Al Gore and his internet, you would have to go to a chinese herb store, find a man with a long white beard, and engage him in fisticuffs to earn his respect. If you repeat this process long enough, over several months, he may take you as a disciple and begin your lifetime of training. During that time, you will likely find out more about this tournament. Unfortunately due to the antiquated training methods that you will be dedicating your life to, you will be unable to actually win a fight for many many years in the future, if at all, ever.

    Good luck!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack Rusher View Post
    Yellow has nice gong fu. I wish more CMA schools did as well at training their students.
    His name is Eric Reyez. He trains at Calvin Chin's Martial Arts in Newton, Mass. The curriculum there is a mix of Hung Gar Tiger Crane and Wu taijiquan. They do forms demos in full pajamas, lion dances, have a kids program and a "soft taiji" program for those who just want to limber up, but all of their fighters on the leitai are pretty scrappy.
    “Most people do not do, but take refuge in theory and talk, thinking that they will become good in this way” -- Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics, II.4

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    thanks for the kind words

    thanks for the kind words everyone. That was in fact my first competition so it was a learning experience that I just enjoyed to no end. I made friends with everyone I fought that day and I look forward to seeing them again this year. Sorry for the 3 year late reply. My wife was laying awake surfing the Internet when she found this recently and woke me up. Just to clear up some things I guess... I've never trained in wrestling so there's that. My background is wing chun with some background in chen style tai chi. Again thanks for the kind words everyone and please keep training because at the end of the day that's the only thing we can take with us anywhere. Be safe guys.

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