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Thread: Judo beats BJJ

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    About $150-250/month is typical for BJJ in the NYC area. I do regular Judo classes and two one-hour private lessons per month for a bit cheaper than BJJ used to cost. My Judo club, like most, is not for profit and the instructors do not take a salary. It's only $65/month + privates.

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    I guess I don't understand the math. I would not give up $800 sitting in front of me in the hope of getting $1600. I simply disagree with the business decision. In defense of the opposite, the profit margin is slim in martial arts, so maybe it makes sense in that regard. For me, it's just sad because I'm trying to get my health back after working this crap job that has harmed me for a year and getting full-time work with benefits twice a week (hard to believe I know) but 1) Judo is on my work days and 2) frankly I feel I am in more physical danger doing Judo because of standing Randori while the BJJ at my level is always groundwork. The BJJ is also continuous, no-nonsense training. Of course, the Judo guys are my friends.
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