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    Good kids' program in West Orange, NJ?

    I guess I should say "near" West Orange. There doesn't seem to be much in West Orange itself. Has anyone heard anything about the "Martial Arts Training Center" in West Orange, NJ led by Master Li?

    I'm looking for a good program for my 5 year old niece. As a point of reference, her nickname is "Midget." However, she is really assertive, to the point that the ref in soccer had to tell her to cool it with getting all up in the face of the bigger kids. And then he corrected himself and said, "Well, don't let me SEE you do that again."

    That's not the lesson I want her to learn. Since we are related, I understand the fearlessness but she really needs to get a little of the martial arts "appropriate aggression" training. I was thinking maybe BJJ instead of the TKD that MATC offers but I can't find a dojo.

    Anyway. Any thoughts would be welcome. I know they can't drive too far, but I also don't want her involved in any weird cult or McDojo. She has athletic potential and courage and I'd like to put it to use in her self-defense - as I'm pretty sure at some point someone will say to themselves, "hey, there's a girl who I can probably force to do x because she's tiny."
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