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The notion of a concept-first approach to martial arts always sounded a little odd to me. You can learn techniques without understanding the concepts (a shallow understanding), but can you meaningfully learn concepts without practising delivery via specific techniques? I think of concepts as things that are common to, and extrapolated between, techniques; the instructor should point them out and emphasise them, and the student should look for them, but surely the beginner first has to learn a few techniques to express those concepts?
I would think in the long run worrying about Position, Control, being heavy, keeping tight, developing a solid base, and understanding leverage is more useful then having a specific sweep or arm lock in your playbook. Especially since grappling often comes down to a game of inches (or even less) for a technique to work with finesse vs strength.

I guess where I think the biggest difference between the two approaches is that I feel at least for me it is easier to get the timing down from a concept based approach

If I have to run through my library of techniques and then figure out how to execute the technique is harder then oh he just got light now let me recover guard or sweep or what ever.