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    Quote Originally Posted by Kharon View Post
    In general is it frowned apon to promote a bjj program while wearing a judo black belt while being ranked a purple in bjj. Or just a little shifty.
    Probably the big problem is it confuses the crap out of people like me, who are looking for your red band of doom, don't see it, and don't know what the hell you are.
    "We often joke -- and we really wish it were a joke -- that you will only encounter two basic problems with your 'self-defense' training.
    1) That it doesn't work
    2) That it does work"
    -Animal MacYoung

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    Wear the appropritae belt for the seminar.

    If teachind Judo, wear your black.

    If teaching BJJ, wear your purple. It's not like there's shame in it. Dang, you'd get my respect. And it's honest.

    If teaching boxing, wear gloves. It ain't rocket surgery.

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