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    Weigh training in bjj

    Okay so right now I do football but this will be my final year and I'm going to get very serious with bjj and compete around the globe. Basically I need a weightlifting plan that includes explosive lifts.
    My schedule:
    Monday: No-Gi bjj 6-7 then Gi from 830-930

    Tuesday:Bjj (Gi) from 6-7 then a kettlebell class (possible not sure depends on what weight training I wanna do) 7-730 then takedown class 730-830

    Wensday: Comp team practice 730-9

    Thursday: Possible kettle bells from 7-730, no-Gi 730-830, Gi 830-930

    Friday: Off of bjj cardio day- 5 mile run

    Saturday: Kettlebells 10-1030 then Gi class from 1230-130

    Sunday: off rest day

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    You may wish to introduce yourself in newbietown, first. Welcome to Bullshido.


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