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    Super Fantastic, Under 170 Lb BJJ Course (Free)

    Hello All,

    New here but wanted to offer you a free course for under 170lb grapplers.

    It's delivered via email and you'll get 68 video lessons over - one per day - designed for lightweight grapplers!

    This course will teach you how to beat bigger guys and help you
    stay one step ahead of them using leverage, technique and finess.

    It's getting rave reviews on other forums!

    Copy and paste this link into your browser now to signup --> bjjunder170.com/68vid-3/

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    You know what teaches me leverage, technique, and finesse when it comes to beating on bigger guys? The actually BJJ CLASSES that I currently take and am very happy with.

    Aren't there some kind of rules against advertising? Or does that not apply here since this is all supposedly free?


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