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    Quote Originally Posted by erezb View Post
    How do you know that? did you and your friends not do well? which MA in your opinion is best for raping and pillaging with emphasis on raping?
    Viking-Fu. Also, whatever it is that Phil Elmore does but his rape techniques only work on house cats.

    If you want an honest answer:

    Psychotic people don't take humillity well. You need humility to lose a fight and learn from it without malice towards the victor. This is FUNDAMENTAL to being able to stick with a combat art. You get bonked around and you can't take it personally. Psychos get REAL personal.

    Here's my experience with how different schools would handle bad guys. I've trained with three different schools on a "class to class" basis, and done seminar stuff with a few other.

    SBG: Only stayed with these guys for @ six months when I was 18. (Had to quit due to schedule conflicts with school and work, had me missing classes) Those guys / gals are genuinely tough, and if you skeezed on the ladies or tried to pull a power trip I'm fairly confident the senior students and instructors would "adjust your attitude via full contact sparing". Havent been there in forever, but they deffinitely had a pain / motivation thing going on.

    ESKABO DA'AN: GM Rob often stated "I don't teach predators". Class time generally consisted of forms (for warm up) two person drills and lock flows. Focus was usually on fundamentals. Real basic, and real slow. Lots of gentle compliance stuff. "Predators" would find the whole thing frustrating and unfulfilling. Much too slow of a pace and you don't master the "warfare" stuff untill you've been patient enough to hang around for a while and get the basics down. (Sparring was generally an after hours deal and the responsibility of the students. Class time was for drills focusing on technique and stamina.)

    Pambuan Arnis: I had the pleasure of working with Kuya Guro Woody Woodman when he was doing story work here in portland. He offered training to co-workers after hours and I got to pick up some of their basics though not as much as I would have liked. They are old school family style. Super stirct, super traditional. If you were a dick they wouldn't teach you a thing. If you're the kind of person to try and get tough with them, they could certainly give you the bruising you're looking for. Guro's from that school are solid as a rock. Sparing with Woody was all but terrifying. That dude could basically tag you anywhere at will. Even worse was that they structured sparing as a traditional Laguna stick duel. So you got to determine the "terms" via pantomime gestures. Better know what you're agreeing too! (If the guy makes a cross with his sticks turn that **** down!)

    Anyways. All of these schools had the common theme of weeding out bad apples. If someone tried to hurt other students or make weird threats they would be excluded. Getting physical with the seniors from any of those styles would end with you experiencing what it's like to be a pretzel. Psycho's can't handle that ego check very well.
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    The only part we ever check into, is whether or not the potential student is aregistered sex offender. I have a few LEOs in my classes and I train a few at the gym, so it makes finding out easier, but not necessarily easy. I only check this to protect the children that are in our juniors class. If they have a violent crime on their record, it also shws up on the state registry, but I am less concerned about that. if they are straight up about it, I give them some space concerning their history. I just want to protect my students and my school.

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    They do a background check in the USJA when testing for shodan or if a black belt from an outside org is looking to get their rank validated. Even then they are looking for three things, sex offences, domestic violence, and DWI/DUI. Other than that, the person that is being investigated would normally have to sign a doc stating that they consent to the check, at least here in NY.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkPhoenix View Post
    They do a background check in the USJA when testing for shodan or if a black belt from an outside org is looking to get their rank validated.
    This is one of the main reasons that I advocate a sanctioning body for martial arts; an agency responsible for testing, certification, validation and consistency.

    I thought I spelled it wrong, but as I said I'm a mechanic not an English professor.

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