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    Cardio+Tech Suffering

    Its been a month since I got back into boxing and I've recently gained somewhere around 3-5 kgs. I don't know how much of it is fat or muscle.

    Now, my punches have a whole lot more oomph but my form and cardio seem to suffer. Maybe its just me, but everything feels different. When I throw a punch with the same effort I normally do, it flies out and theres a whole lot more momentum to stop, throwing my punching form off. Keeping on my toes and using footwork also seems to get harder with all the added weight messing up the timing of my movements.

    Do you guys know any drills that'll allow me to get used to the new weight faster?

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    I suggest to use egg, oyster mushroom and fresh vegetables. They will provide you more protein to gain muscle's strength for additional weight. Protein will make you quick and fast with additional strength even you have gain a little weight.


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