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    Oh and you need to prove your fraud claim. Why? Per our rules, your post will be flushed to the septic tank and ridiculed mercilessly.

    Oh and apparently, he helped open Spartan Fitness. Why wouldn't Chris claim him to get new students?
    There Brimage met Chris Connelly, whom he later opened up a gym with, Spartan Fitness, in 2006.[2] Shortly after Brimage began fighting as an amateur, collecting a 10-0 record before turning professional in 2007.[3]

    Yes, I am currently looking for a better source than wiki.

    Sorry, can find nothing about the FG secondhand information. Still, as the saying goes, "2 out of three ain't bad."
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    [QUOTE=yojimbo.;2704244]A whois lookup gave this result:[/QUOTE. My kid started spartan fitness about 8 months ago.I can tell you from meeting chris and marcus PERSONALLY that chris DID help marcus get to UFC through TUF tv show You people need to do more research before calling out folks if you think its B.S. go to marcus or Chris's Facebook pages.

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