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    Good point, it is a bit of excuse and the one doing things properly would have the advantage in a match. But I still have one question, how do I know what's right? With all sorts of conflicting information out there when do I really know if I'm doing what's best?

    I'd like to go back to the abs, because I do so many situps and such, yet many places I read say it is all completely unnecessary. Am I wasting my time? And what about the other competitors? In Muay Thai everyone does 1-300 of them a day at least and adds more abwork on top of that.

    There's a few other exercises done specifically by the Muay Thai crew here that conflict with most of what I've read online, but it's also what I've seen done pretty much in every other gym here.

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    yep... thats the way it is. a lot of martial arts gyms basically do it wrong. some more than others. lots of crunches etc ive always felt was more of a psychological thing than anything else, and its better than nothing, but if you want core strength you're better off doing other things.

    personally my weights routine consists of 3 half hour kettlebell sessions a week where i slaughter myself with 5 minute rounds of various exercises. could it be better? probably, but as you said, you have to want to do it. i get pretty bored of a standard weights routine.

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    I once did 1000 sit-ups in a row on an ab-roller.

    And now I do 3 sets of 10 sit-ups, with a 35 lbs plate on a decline bench. Guess which exercises burns my abs more?

    (I do a TON more ab exercises, the above was just an example. None of my other exercises are sit-ups though)

    Most of my ab routine is from this article

    My ab routine is based around avoiding lower back injury. Again, we come back to goals. You may not have lower back problems, in which cases sit-ups may not be so bad.

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    Mucscle confusion and functional strength.

    mix it up and do what intrests you.

    By doing it wrong you are doing it right.
    Whitsunday Martial Arts Airlie Beach North Queensland.!/WhitsundayMartialArts

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