Been running a lot lately due to a back injury leaving heavy (and even medium!) lifting off-limits. So I run, the days my back allow me to. My main round is approximately 10.5 km, and lately I can do 10 km at below 50 minutes. Yay.

Anyhow, I try to incorporate some sort of HIIT in my running, and there's two different sorts I've used this far: Tabata (20 sec sprint all out, 10 sec rest, repeat 8 times or until vomiting) and 10-20-30 (10 sec sprint, 20 sec at regular 5k run pace, 30 sec shufflin' along pace etc, repeated 10-15 times).

They're both effective, as in lets me run faster. But the 10-20-30 is without question the least puke-inducing of the two.

What I wonder is: are there other patterns I should be aware of, and try to incorporate in my training?

I'll be running my second half-marathon in august (the 4th) and need to get the most out of my running until then, injured back and all.