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    i personally haven't tried it but i heard great things about Layne Norton's PHAT program.

    it combines strength and hypertrophy training in a 6 days split.

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    Im new to the forum and just getting back into MA. Im not new to bodybuilding though as that is what I have been doing in my 10-12year break from MA. To simplify my findings and many good trainers/scientists. The size you become and shape is mainly decided by your genetics (sorry but its true) But to get the most out of your given genetics its simple. Too simple really and this is why people ignore the facts and try lots of fancy training routines and end up not gaining mass or abuse steroids to gain some mass. Steroids help with hypertrophy and you will grow bigger than a none steroid user using the same crappy routine/lifestyle but again you are not getting the most out of your time/money.

    Here it is -

    1) Eat. You must eat enough calories to sufice your bodys function and repair damaged tissue.

    2) Sleep. During your sleep is where most of your repairing and growth occurs.

    3) Train. Train cleverly, not excessively. 3 times a week for 45-60mins is ample for a natural trainer and even a steroid user. (Although with the recovery help from steroids you can train more often and still grow/rapair) The main thing is to find a rep range your are comfortable with (but sensible, 5-15 being the ideal bracket) and progressively go up weight each week. Tear and repair/train and rest. True lower reps improve strength more quickly but you will still grow, and yes the 8-12 middle ground you hear preached does up yout time under tension which is believed to help with hypertrophy. But if you do 5,10,15 even 20 reps and lift heavier each week, eat, and rest properly mark my words you will grow. Some muscle groups, legs being the most obvious actually sometimes grow better in the 20+ rep range as they are already stressed regular from carrying you around all day, so they need more stress to force growth.

    If you dont stress your muscles enough for your brain to recognise it needs to be stronger to cope with this, it wont . Going back to diet, your body will deal with its priority of everything else it needs to keep functioning before it gives enlarging your muscles a second thought, so you better make sure you are eating enough or you wont grow, however clever you think your training is.

    *At work so sorry if this seems rushed, just my 2p/2c, from experiance and studying*

    Oh and -

    4) Good form. Bouncing the bar off your chest, swinging your whole body into a bicep curl or doing the crazy worm to perform pullups is dangerous and also much less effective than a controlled rep. If you cant stop almost instantly in any position of a rep without moving further into the movement, your performing it well too fast to recruit your muscle fibres efficiantly. I find a pause at the bottom of a movement and a squeeze at the top improves muscle growth and will be much better for your development than swinging a weight that it far too heavy for you.

    5) Leave your ego at the door.
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    Something that many people also do not know, is that there is no magic 1-2hr window of opportunity to grow after the gym. You do not have to sink lots of protein shakes and drink sugary carbs asap to grow. Truth is you can get big without ever allowing a protein shake to cross your lips. The time your body has to take in the nutriants/calories needed to repair is much much longer than this, even upto 12hrs+ in some peoples case. You are just as well going home from the gym and having a decent sized steak and brown rice waiting for you as you are sinking a protein shake.

    The main use for a protein shake within a bodybuilders diet is to help them take in more calories, without eating more whole food. They can have a place in your diet, as above when eating a meal is a problem, or your out/too busy to ea at that time, or even if you struggle to eat the ammount of calories required to grow during the day.

    It is better to drink a shake to keep your metabolism burning and start repairing muscles/tie you over till you can eat a meal, than skipping meals in these situations. Most people have a shake directly after the gym because it digests quickly and isnt as filling as the equivelant method of taking in that ammount of protein, this then allows them to eat a meal 60-90mins after, again helping to take in more calories during the day.

    As an extension to this, you also do not ever need to drink/eat sugary carbs. Your body does not need you to cause a massive hike in insulin to grow, you can if you are stuck in your ways use a slower digestion powdered carb like vitargo that wont spike your insulin levels so hard. (Side note eating in general will elevate your insulin levels enough)

    If you dont believe me for the next 3-6months swap your sugary carb and whey protein shake for a meal for when you get in and see for yourself. To be honest you will probably find you benefit from it, maybe even drop some fat.

    If i think of anything else that may help people with gaining weight, i will add it as i go. Please feel free to ignore/disagree with what i have said but I assure you I hav tried and tested all of the above and although im not sad enough to have scientific reports stored on my pc with the test results to credit the info, it is there and proven.

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