There seems to be a fair number of medical and allied health professionals here on the forums, as well as people interested in alternative or mind/body medicine sorts of things.

I just got back from a conference (clinical focus, not research) that was excellent and had a great variety of professionals (psychologists, internal medicine, speech therapy, social work, emergency medicine, executive coach, school counselor, etc).

I took the beginners workshop and it was intensive and fast-paced, but really good in terms of learning a lot of practice and doing a lot of practice in a relatively short period of time. I learned a lot. Some of the speakers were a little boring, but there were some great lectures as well.

Lawrence Sugarman gave a lecture which deserves a shoutout, he's a pediatrician who uses hypnotherapy to help kids get better experiences in the doctors office, and he advocates for reforming healthcare to have more of a mind-body approach. Really great speaker, good humor, and passionate as all hell.