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    Boxing Training Clips

    Hi all, I was wondering if you guys have links/videos of training in boxing and kick boxing, advanced and beginners levels are welcome. I can also use boxing oriented fitness videos. Every video that has something to do with boxing training or KB would be appreciated. There is so much stuff on YouTube it is hard to filter so if someone has a favorite clip/clips to post here it will be more than appreciated.
    Also verbal tips of special stuff you do at your gym that you think is unique will be appreciated.
    For example I think we do something unique and beneficial (don’t have a video of it im afraid):
    We do this in warm-up, we call it “push-push” basically for a the length of a round a pair will stand in the fighting stance and while moving/jumping forward towards each other they place the palms of their right hand on each other’s right shoulder and push simultaneously while the left hand is in guard. They will jump backward using the blow’s energy and immediately jump back in, this time doing the same thing with the left hand. It is important not to strike each other but to place the hand on the shoulder and then push using the same muscles of a punch. There are also variations of this, using punches to the belly and so forth. This is a great warm-up and it works not only on the muscles for boxing but also teaches you to stand fast while striking and absorbing a strike at the same time. You can do that with a push to the forehead teaching you the right position for your head and strengthening the neck muscles.
    So I shared with you, if there are any questions fire away and thank you for your clips!!!

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    This guy's stuff has worked really well for me in the past.


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