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    It comes down to what you want friend. I pay by the class with my teachers because I live so far outside of town. But even then I pay about $10 a class (Kali and such.)

    But I agree with the others. $160 a month is a bit expensive for that amount of training. If they had an unlimited plan and maybe some multiple arts there, it may be a better deal IMO. But the other thing I agree with is that there is no sparring until shodan test. I disagree with that. How do they expect you to apply what you learn in class from that?

    Just my two cents. I say go sit in and watch then decide. But look around and see what else is out there in terms of schools. There's bound to be something near you that's a bit cheaper and possibly even better.

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    That's the thing. I went to a couple other places around here and they aren't much better. Cheapest (with in 10 miles) was $110 and that was another TDK school.
    They do spar during classes just not at tests (till Shodan).
    Sat in for a lesson and it wasn't that bad. They mostly did some work out then drilled me on posture and balance. Finally taught me the first half of the first kata.
    The class lasted longer than I expected (hour and 45 instead of just an hour).
    Still haven't made my decision yet as there is still a couple of schools I'm going to look at but so far this is the front runner.

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    That seems pretty expensive.
    BJJ in Hawai'i (while being relatively "expensive" compared to other arts) is usually less than that and they generally offer classes every day.
    Judo, boxing and kickboxing etc can be had for much cheaper.

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